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Financial Support for Technology Companies in Canada


Lawyer Jarrett Freeman, Sheldon Freeman, Allan Goodman, Victor Liu, Michael Partridge
Area Technology


In 2016, the Canadian federal government launched its "Innovation Agenda" which commits to growing the Canadian economy through support for innovative industries and companies, with a focus on the technology industry. Driven by a downturn in traditional Canadian sectors, like natural resources, the federal government has reallocated support to industries, including cleantech, renewables, technology information and communications.

The federal government intends to build on established and proven innovation programs to provide further support for technology companies across Canada. This guide highlights the most significant programs and the opportunities they create for investors and entrepreneurs. For a more complete list of available programs, see the Appendices to this guide.

To the benefit of businesses, the programs are complementary and not exclusive. As such, a company can receive support from multiple programs simultaneously or as needed as the company moves through its development, commercialization and marketing stages.

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