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Funds: Private Equity, Hedge and All Core Structures


Lawyer David Matlow
Area Private Equity


Funds:  Private Equity, Hedge and All Core Structures is a practical introductory guide to the legal and commercial context in which funds are raised and their money invested.  Published by Wiley,  it includes examinations of the tax and regulatory background and an analysis of the key themes and trends facing the funds industry following the financial crisis.  The book looks at asset classes, investor return models, the commercial and legal pressures driving different structures and key global jurisdictions for both fund establishment and making investments.  It also contains a comprehensive analysis of fund managers, from remuneration and best practice through to regulation.

Excerpt from The Americas:  Canada Chapter:

Situated in North America, Canada is the second largest country in the world, has a population of just over 35 million and is rich in natural resources. In particular, Canada holds significant oil and gas reserves and as such is a net energy exporter.  Canada is a democratic constitutional monarchy, with the Queen as head of state and an elected Prime Minister as head of government.  Canada is composed of ten provinces and three territories.  The country has a federal system of parliamentary government with responsibilities and functions shared between federal and provincial/territorial governments.

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