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All in the Corporate Family: Parent-Subsidiary Relations and Best Practices



In today’s global economy, corporate groups have become more complex, creating compliance and risk challenges at both the parent and subsidiary level. Balancing the need for oversight and jurisdictional and corporate compliance with the desire for financial and operational effectiveness is becoming more difficult than ever.   

Recent court decisions in Canada and abroad have addressed concepts of corporate separateness and piercing the corporate veil. Organizations must understand these developments to avoid the potential pitfalls of corporate groups.

While every situation is unique, the panel will address best practices to protect corporate interests in light of the recent decisions. Experts in corporate law and litigation will discuss topics including:

  • Piercing the corporate veil – when are you at risk?
  • Maintaining separate corporate personality in corporate groups.
  • How corporate policies may give rise to liability for parent corporations

Peter Kolla, Partner, Goodmans LLP
Kari MacKay, Partner, Goodmans LLP
Celia Rhea, Partner, Goodmans LLP
Julie Rosenthal, Partner, Goodmans LLP

Original Program Date:
Thursday, September 12, 2019

CPD Value:
1.25 Substantive Hours

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