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Goodmans Presents: IP and Competition Law - Strategies to Minimize Risk and Maximize Opportunity


Lawyer Ben Hackett, Jordan D. Scopa
Area Intellectual Property , Competition, Antitrust and Foreign Investment


Intellectual property rights are essential to business, both offensively in growing market share and defensively in protecting against competition. This interplay between IP and competition requires detailed planning and knowing the rules so as to target strategic opportunities and maximize corporate value.

Join our panel to learn about cutting edge IP and competition law strategies that businesses can employ to minimize risks and maximize opportunities around IP, including:

  • How has IP law’s approach to non-infringing alternatives changed, and how to adapt your business to the altered legal landscape?
  • How does licensing your IP impact your potential remedies for infringement of your IP rights, and how to avoid compromising the value of your IP?
  • How does competition law approach the enforcement of IP rights, and how to plan effectively for this dynamic?
  • What is the interplay between IP law and competition law remedies?

Jordan Scopa, Goodmans LLP

Andy Harington, The Brattle Group
Ben Hackett, Goodmans LLP

Original Program Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 2019

CPD Value:
1.5 Substantive Hours

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