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Goodmans Presents: Navigating the “Mind”field of Disclosure Obligations


Lawyer David Conklin, William (Bill) Gorman, Brad Ross


Recent experiences with Home Capital Group and other issuers highlight the importance of making appropriate disclosure of material facts and changes. Determining what constitutes a material fact or a material change can be difficult. These decisions can attract the attention of the OSC and plaintiff class action counsel creating exposures for the issuer and for directors and officers.

Join us to discuss these issues with leading practitioners at Goodmans and Senior Counsel from the OSC’s Enforcement Branch:

  • When is a change a material change that requires disclosure?
  • When does the OSC become interested in an issuer’s disclosure decisions?
  • How has the OSC’s whistleblower policy affected the OSC’s review of disclosure decisions?
  • How should issuers respond to OSC enquiries about the adequacy of disclosure?
  • What liability risks can arise from having to respond to the OSC’s questions about disclosure?

Bill Gorman, Partner, Goodmans LLP

Jennifer Lynch, Senior Litigation Counsel, OSC Enforcement Branch
David Conklin, Partner, Goodmans LLP
Brad Ross, Partner, Goodmans LLP 



Original Program Date
Thursday, October 12, 2017

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1 Substantive Hour

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