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Richard Corley at The Risks and Rewards of AI-Discussion Forum


Lawyer Richard Corley
Area Technology


Goodmans LLP
Bay Adelaide Centre - West Tower
333 Bay Street
Toronto, ON

Thursday, June 13, 2019
8:00am - 10:30am: The Risks and Rewards of AI-Discussion Forum

Speaker: Richard Corley, Partner, Goodmans LLP

In today’s business fast-paced business environment, we see that digitally native enterprises are constantly innovating methods to analyze vast amounts of data on high performance computing platforms to build powerful AI solutions. Many such enterprises, such as Amazon and Google, have leveraged AI to become giants both due to their sustained profitable growth as well as their ability to deliver superior customer experiences.

The success of enterprises such as Amazon and Google have inspired broad interest in AI so most enterprises invest in AI efforts today. While many have succeeded, most continue to struggle as they don’t fully address risks in implementing AI solutions. These risks arise from failure to experiment at scale, but also from attempts to implement black-box model that suffer from bias or can’t be explained adequately to their own subject matter experts or regulators.

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