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Jon Feldman quoted in "Unsung heros get Bell deal done", National Post


Lawyer Jonathan Feldman


Excerpt from "Unsung heros get Bell deal done", by Jim Middlemiss:

Jon Feldman quoted:

For Mr. Feldman, 36, whose firm represented Teachers, it meant a lot of ups and downs for his firm’s bidding team. There was a call for the initial bid and then a round of discussions and a call for the final bid. In both cases it involves more than just a contract. It involves legal analysis from a regulatory and tax perspective.  He says “often there is a bit more time to do due diligence.”

When Telus dropped out and the Canada Pension Plan bid “appeared to be in jeopardy, we had no idea what it meant; we had no idea what was going on,” says Mr. Feldman. However, it provided a ray of sunshine and gave the Goodmans legal team “a bit of a second wind. You get increasingly optimistic that there was a good chance.”

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