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Stephen Pincus quoted in "REITs coming to market even if nobody else is", Financial Post


Lawyer Stephen Pincus
Area REITs and Income Securities


Excerpt from "REITs coming to market even if nobody else is", by Julius Melnitzer:

Compared to the rest of the market, growth of more than 25% is nothing short of remarkable.  But Stephen Pincus, a partner at Goodmans LLP in Toronto, says it would be a mistake to think of REITs' performance this year as a surprise.

"The sector has never ceased being a hot market," he says.  "It only looks like a comeback because just about everything else has gone cold."

Mr. Pincus attributes the REIT market's stellar performance and consistency to a low interest rate environment, aging demographics, and economic and market volatility.

"People are fearful and they're looking for hard assets," he says. "REITs have provided and continue to provide a steady stream of cash flow based on contracts with tenants who are largely creditworthy."

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