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Tamryn Jacobson featured on the podcast "A Dealmaker's DNA"


Lawyer Tamryn Jacobson


Tamryn Jacobson is featured on Episode #16 of the podcast "A Dealmaker's DNA"

Episode #16:

How important is it to have a competitive spirit – and to know when to be competitive and aggressive and when to reign it in? What’s the difference between mentorship and sponsorship, and how do these concepts affect your professional career?

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Tamryn’s childhood and when she moved to Canada
  • The things from living a different way that affected Tamryn’s success and character
  • Whether living under apartheid during childhood influenced Tamryn’s decision to go into litigation
  • What Tamryn’s upbringing looked like
  • Whether Tamryn experienced sexism in her career
  • What Tamryn thinks she did right in her career
  • Mentorship and sponsorship
  • Tamryn’s opinion on the importance of a competitive spirit
  • Tamryn’s thoughts on nature vs. nurture
  • How to motivate someone who has to work harder to keep up
  • How biases influence decision-making
  • Whether Tamryn believes that people are generally good
  • How to stay passionate in challenging situations
  • What people get wrong about negotiation
  • What percentage of the personality is nature or nurture

Click here to listen to the episode.