Support for Sectors - Non-Profit and Charitable

The Government of Canada is providing funding to charities and non-profit organizations that deliver essential services to those in need. The following provides a brief summary of these government programs, including details relating to eligibility, how to apply and general terms and conditions, as applicable. We will endeavour to update this page on a daily basis. However, for a complete and up to date description, please consult the applicable program webpage. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a Goodmans lawyer. Programs include:

The Emergency Community Support Fund

Program Overview

  • $350 million has been invested to support vulnerable Canadians through charities and non-profit organizations that deliver essential services to those in need. This support ranges from transportation services and home-based deliveries of essential items to supporting virtual contact.


  • Community organizations can apply for funding through national-level intermediary organizations: the United Way Centraide Canada, the Canadian Red Cross and the Community Foundations of Canada.
  • Funding will be allocated taking into account the size of the population as well as regional and local needs.
  • Selection criteria for the Fund: 
    • address a pressing social inclusion or well-being need caused by COVID-19 by supplying the necessaries of life and supporting activities of daily living;
    • serve one or more vulnerable populations during COVID-19;
    • project can be carried out in a short timeframe with a reasonable budget; and
    • can attest to not having secured funds to cover the costs of the activities for which they have applied from another intermediary, federal government COVID program or a different source.

How to Apply

  • Applications for financial support are now open for qualified donees (including charities) and non-profits serving vulnerable Canadians amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. More details on the application process can be found at United Way Centraide Canada, Canadian Red Cross, and Community Foundations of Canada.
  • Applications will close on July 7, 2020 (Canadian Red Cross), July 10, 2020 (United Way) and July 27, 2020 (Community Foundations of Canada).