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Making Headlines

Jeff Shore quoted in "Why Early 2017's Struggles For PE Real Estate Won't Last", Law360 May-9-2017
Jon Feldman interviewed in "Activist Advantage--Why Canada May See An Increase in Campaigns", Forbes March-30-2017
David Zitzerman quoted in "Should we have a ‘Canadian values’ test for films and TV shows?", The Globe and Mail February-10-2017
Brad Ross quoted in "Starwood Deal Pushes 4 Firms To Top Jan. Real Estate M&A", Law360 February-9-2017
Tara Parker interviewed on 610CKTB - The Larry Fedoruk Show January-19-2017
Allan Goodman interviewed in "How Ottawa can support the making of the next Blackberry", on BNN December-20-2016
Goodmans and the DMZ - Providing Strategic Advice to Start-Ups November-11-2016
David Zitzerman interviewed on "TIFF 2016: The anatomy of a film deal", on BNN September-9-2016
Goodmans Presents: Going Public, Private and Public Again – a US Group’s Experience with the TSX July-12-2016
Allan Goodman quoted in "Canadian competition body to examine FinTech sector", E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy June-1-2016
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Allan Goodman quoted in "Vention latest Canadian technology company to raise $100-million despite rapidly cooling market", Globe and Mail May-10-2022
Tara Parker quoted in “The problem with Pam & Tommy: Canadian actress Pamela Anderson is again exposed without consent”, CBC News February-4-2022
Kate Lyons quoted in “Manitoba vs Ottawa: Why the province lost its legal challenge against the federal carbon tax”, Financial Post November-3-2021
David Zitzerman quoted in "New Canadians on the block(chain)", Playback September-24-2021
Robert Chadwick quoted in "Canadian businesses forced to restructure to avoid insolvency", Canadian Lawyer June-29-2021
Jonathan Feldman interviewed in "Shareholder Activism in Canada 2021", Activist Insight June-1-2021
Joe Pasquariello quoted in "The show will go on: Inside the year that nearly killed Cirque du Soleil and its plan to return to the stage", Globe and Mail's ROB Magazine May-25-2021
Robert Chadwick quoted in “Restructuring in a Challenging Economy”, Lexpert Special Edition: Finance and M&A April-14-2021
Tara Parker quoted in "How to buy the rights to a famous person's tweet: Investors try to navigate the NFT industry", Globe and Mail March-29-2021
Eugene Cipparone featured on the podcast "The Empowered Attorney" March-26-2021
Stephen Pincus interviewed in "Perspectives on the Canadian SPAC Market", Insight Information's CAiP March-22-2021
Robert Chadwick interviewed in "Insolvencies expected to rise in 2021", Canadian Lawyer Magazine March-5-2021
Jamie Firsten quoted in "Tech deals jump in value", Lexpert Special Edition: Technology 2021 February-19-2021
Chris Sunstrum quoted in "Regulators eye Reddit stock rallies, but manipulation may be hard to prove: Experts", BNN Bloomberg February-3-2021
Ira Barkin quoted in "New opportunities for real estate in Canada after pandemic disruption", Canadian Lawyer Magazine December-11-2020
Peter Ruby featured in "Canadian privacy proposal mixes elements of GDPR and CCPA", Global Data Review December-2-2020
Bill Gorman and Stephen Pincus quoted in "Special Purpose Acquisition Company Investment (SPAC) vehicle expected to grow in Canada: Goodmans", Canadian Lawyer Magazine November-3-2020
Tamryn Jacobson featured on the podcast "A Dealmaker's DNA" September-9-2020
David Rosner quoted in "Canada Updates Collaboration Guidelines", GCR News August-6-2020
Melanie Ouanounou and Kirby Cohen featured in "Judge made ‘several errors’ in finding undue influence in loan transaction, rules Appeal Court", The Lawyer's Daily July-30-2020
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Bill Gorman and David Coll-Black featured in Dye & Durham IPO should boost confidence in Canada’s capital markets: lawyers, Canadian Lawyer July-29-2020
Goodmans lawyers score major victory in landmark Supreme Court of Canada case on class actions in Atlantic Lottery Corp. Inc. v. Babstock. July-28-2020
Joseph Pasquariello quoted in "Bid for Cirque du Soleil dismissed as 'pure fiction' by lenders", Financial Post July-13-2020
Joseph Pasquariello quoted in "Cirque du Soleil says creditors expected to launch a new takeover bid next week", Globe and Mail July-13-2020
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David Rosner the only Canadian Recognized as one of the World’s Leading Young Antitrust Practitioners by GCR May-13-2020
John Connon, David Matlow and Neill May featured in "The Buyout Brigade", Best Lawyers May-13-2020
Michelle Roth featured in "Firm Insight: Serving the needs of Canada's growing senior population", Canadian Lawyer Mag April-21-2020
Richard Corley, Peter Ruby and Steve Inglis quoted in "A Matter of Law: Q&A Confronts the Legal Fallout of COVID-19", Nearshore Americas April-8-2020
Jonathan Feldman interviewed in "Shareholder Activism in Canada", Risk & Compliance Magazine March-26-2020
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David Rosner quoted in "Canadian competition bureau's strategic vision calls for more interim orders, digital enforcement", PaRR March-2-2020
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Andrew Brodkin quoted in "Federal Court of Appeal decision means no questions left on test for protective orders: lawyer", The Lawyer's Daily February-27-2020
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Julie Rosenthal quoted in "Top 10 business decisions of 2019: From orphan wells to Vavilov trilogy", The Lawyer's Daily February-21-2020
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David Rosner quoted in "Competition Bureau to focus on digital economy", Canadian Lawyer February-19-2020
David Rosner quoted in "CCB wins 'clean' remedy in Evonik merger, lawyers say" PaRR February-12-2020
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Michael Wilson quoted in "Ontario mulls legalizing cannabis lounges as it moves to a more open market", Globe and Mail February-11-2020
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Julie Rosenthal quoted in "Vancouver airport decision clarifies law on evidence and costs, lawyers say", PaRR December-4-2019
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Jonathan Feldman quoted in "Canada's oil and gas sector in ‘perfect storm’ for more activism - sources", Activistmonitor November-26-2019
Mark Dunn quoted in "The prospects of recovering the money are near zero: The scam homebuyers need to be aware of", Yahoo News Canada November-25-2019
Jonathan Feldman quoted in "Canadian gold sector activism slowdown may prove temporary, sources say", Activistmonitor November-19-2019
Julie Rosenthal quoted in "Competition Bureau loses abuse case against airport authority", Global Competition Review October-18-2019
Goodmans quoted in "Considering employees during M&A", Canadian Lawyer Magazine September-17-2019
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Allan Goodman quoted in "New crypto-currency rules come as enforcement ramps up", Law Times June-26-2019
Julie Rosenthal quoted in "Why parent companies may soon be unable to claim immunity from their subsidiary's liabilities", Financial Post June-25-2019
Tara Parker quoted in "Protecting Brands in North America", Lexpert Magazine June-18-2019
David Rosner quoted in "Feds call on competition bureau to address Big Data", Canadian Lawyer May-23-2019
David Zitzerman quoted in "Now more expensive to sue multiple online infringers", Law Times April-29-2019
Melaney Wagner interviewed in "Insolvency Becomes Customized", The Lexpert Special Edition on Canada's Leading Corporate Lawyers April-26-2019
David Rosner quoted in "Competition Bureau chief expected to continue focus on Big Data", Canadian Lawyer March-6-2019
Neill May and Michael Partridge quoted in "Hostile bids in decline", CBA National Magazine February-20-2019
Allan Goodman quoted in "Ontario securities regulator looking into digital platform Quadriga", Thomson Reuters February-8-2019
Allan Goodman and Michael Partridge quoted in "Millions in cryptocurrencies vanish, while regulators meddle with mortgages", Financial Post February-6-2019
Jon Feldman quoted in "Roundtable: Shareholder Activism and Engagement", Financier Worldwide Magazine January-24-2019
Michael Stewart: In Memoriam November-8-2018
Victor Liu quoted in "Canadians skeptical law enforcement agencies are ready for cannabis", Canadian Lawyer October-3-2018
Julie Rosenthal quoted in "Bureau offers guidance on efficiencies analysis", Law Times September-17-2018
Howard Wise quoted in "New construction adjudication process coming", Law Times September-7-2018
Neill May quoted in "Canadian regulators put proxy 'vote buying' in the crosshairs", Financial Post April-23-2018
Peter Ruby quoted in "Canadian regulators asked to get tough on data privacy amid Facebook controversy", BNN April-17-2018
Tara Parker interviewed in "Is graffiti copyright protected?", on CTV's Your Morning April-2-2018
Julie Rosenthal quoted in "Clarification over document privilege welcome move", Law Times March-26-2018
Julie Rosenthal quoted in "Vancouver airport ruling could boost 'procedural fairness' before Canadian Competition Tribunal - lawyers", PaRR March-9-2018
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Allan Goodman quoted in "Regulators move on cryptocurrencies", Investment Executive November-14-2017
David Zitzerman quoted in "How do you erase Kevin Spacey from a Hollywood movie?", CBC News November-10-2017
Allan Goodman interviewed in "Investors need to be careful on the short-selling news they're seeing: Securities lawyer", on BNN October-13-2017
Jon Feldman quoted in "Activists seek to unlock value in Canadian real estate sector", Reuters October-6-2017
Michelle Vigod quoted in "Focus: Social media use should comply with securities law", Law Times August-15-2017
Jon Feldman quoted in "Prescribing an Imperial Shot of Poison to Canadian Activism", Forbes August-15-2017
David Lederman quoted in "Focus: Companies use third-party litigation funding", Law Times July-31-2017
Allan Goodman interviewed in "Google ruling a cautionary tale for tech giants operating in Europe: Lawyer", on BNN June-27-2017
Tara Parker quoted in "Hollywood north still a boon for business, tax lawyers", The Lawyers Weekly May-10-2017
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Jeff Shore quoted in "Why Early 2017's Struggles For PE Real Estate Won't Last", Law360 May-9-2017
Jon Feldman interviewed in "Activist Advantage--Why Canada May See An Increase in Campaigns", Forbes March-30-2017
David Zitzerman quoted in "Should we have a ‘Canadian values’ test for films and TV shows?", The Globe and Mail February-10-2017
Brad Ross quoted in "Starwood Deal Pushes 4 Firms To Top Jan. Real Estate M&A", Law360 February-9-2017
Tara Parker interviewed on 610CKTB - The Larry Fedoruk Show January-19-2017
Allan Goodman interviewed in "How Ottawa can support the making of the next Blackberry", on BNN December-20-2016
Goodmans and the DMZ - Providing Strategic Advice to Start-Ups November-11-2016
David Zitzerman interviewed on "TIFF 2016: The anatomy of a film deal", on BNN September-9-2016
Goodmans Presents: Going Public, Private and Public Again – a US Group’s Experience with the TSX July-12-2016
Allan Goodman quoted in "Canadian competition body to examine FinTech sector", E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy June-1-2016
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Stephen Pincus quoted in "Bought deals in Canada still healthy despite choppy market", Lexpert Magazine April-12-2016
Howard Wetston, Q.C. quoted in "Investigations getting results, says RCMP", The Bottom Line March 2016 March-31-2016
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Tara Parker quoted in "Spray-on law: Even graffiti artists have a claim on copyright", Financial Post February-9-2016
Kate Lyons quoted in "Municipal lawyers gear up for change", Law Times January-18-2016
Rob Howe quoted in "Developers highlight 'defect' in approval of Scarborough subway funding", The Toronto Star December-15-2015
Neill May quoted in "Upfront deal terms negotiation increasing in US, Canada less so", Lexpert Magazine's December 2015 edition December-8-2015
Eugene Cipparone quoted in "Limitations Act's 2019 deadline puts pack rats on notice", The Lawyers Weekly August-20-2015
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Neill May quoted in "OSC Widens Net: Enforcement for non-Canadian securities", Lexpert Magazine's May 2015 edition May-13-2015
Kate Lyons quoted in "Avoiding Conflict", Lexpert Magazine's May 2015 edition May-1-2015
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Michael Koch quoted in "Canadian agency considers digital impact on traditional media in Postmedia deal", PaRR-Global March-31-2015
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Michael Koch quoted in "Streetwise Regulation: Change in Takeover Rules Could Lead to More Reviews", The Globe and Mail March-27-2015
Michelle Roth quoted in "Quebec firm plans residences aimed at aging baby boomer population", The Globe and Mail March-16-2015
Jonathan Lampe quoted in "Wild cats, war chests, permits and pills: HudBay deal had it all", Financial Post January-30-2015
Stephen Pincus quoted in "REITs warned over failure to disclose shortfalls", The Globe and Mail January-27-2015
Neill May and Ryan Szainwald in "CIBC divides steel products maker to conquer" December-22-2014
David Zitzerman interviewed in "Sony cancels 'The Interview'", on BNN December-18-2014
Stephen Pincus and Brad Ross in "Canada faster than U.S. in getting companies to market, so why aren't there more IPOs?", Financial Post November-7-2014
Stephen Pincus interviewed in Practical Law Canada magazine November-4-2014
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David Zitzerman interviewed in "Netflix to take on Hollywood", on BNN September-30-2014
Kate Lyons quoted in "Mining companies must win hearts and minds or face further opposition", miningweekly.com September-19-2014
Kari MacKay quoted in "African Gold Mine Lands $120M In Novel Stream Financing", Law360 August-12-2014
Richard Annan quoted in "Cement companies propose billion dollar divestment", Global Competition Review July-7-2014
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Jon Feldman quoted in "Canadian hostile defence options grow", IFLR June-17-2014
David Zitzerman quoted in "Stairway to Lawsuit", The National May-20-2014
Jay Carfagnini quoted in "Strong business sense key for restructuring lawyers", Financial Post March-28-2014
Jon Feldman quoted in "Statute paper short on new ideas, lawyers say", The Lawyers Weekly February-28-2014
David Zitzerman quoted in "Rare Beatles tracks briefly on sale to extend copyright", CBC News December-17-2013
Stephen Halperin quoted in "Beware activist shareholders, expert warns", The Globe and Mail October-9-2013
Stephen Halperin quoted in "Poison pill creator notes differences in Canada-U.S. style; 'Serious vacuum' in the rules surrounding takeovers in Canada", Financial Post October-9-2013
Jon Feldman quoted in "Proxy battles chart course into less turbulent waters", National Post September-27-2013
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Canadian REITs celebrate 20 successful years", Financial Post August-27-2013
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Stephen Pincus quoted in "REITS: A Canadian Success Story", ROB Magazine, June 2013 May-31-2013
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Foreign assets and Canadian investors a match made in heaven", National Post April-29-2013
Alan Mark quoted in "Litigator rejoins Goodmans from Norton Rose", IFLR 1000 April-11-2013
Susan Garvie quoted in "Court Sets New Rules for Non-Competes", The Globe and Mail March-28-2013
Jon Feldman quoted in "To regulate or not to regulate?", Canadian Lawyer Magazine March-26-2013
Stephen Pincus quoted in “A milestone for Milestone”, Financial Post March-6-2013
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Stephen Pincus quoted in "Prime Time for Real Property”, Lexpert Magazine February-1-2013
Michael Koch quoted in "The CRTC's Blow to Certainty", The Globe and Mail November-7-2012
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Jay Carfagnini quoted in "Who Gets Paid First?", Lexpert’s Special Edition on Canada's Leading Insolvency and Restructuring Lawyers, Globe and Mail's Report on Business Magazine October-29-2012
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Jon Feldman quoted in "Telephone use in proxy fights needs refining", Financial Post October-3-2012
Eugene Cipparone quoted in "Law firms need document retention policies too", Canadian Lawyer Magazine October-2-2012
Stephen Halperin quoted in "Proxy fights take on new meaning", The National Post September-27-2012
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Cashing in on REIT fever", Canadian Lawyer Magazine September-24-2012
John Keefe quoted in "Insider trading: is jail time necessary?", The Globe and Mail September-20-2012
Jonathan Lampe quoted in "Insider trading: is jail time necessary?", The Globe and Mail September-20-2012
Jon Feldman quoted in "Lessons In Failed $2B Lowe's Bid For Canadian Hardware Chain", Law360 September-17-2012
Ira Berg quoted in "A Successful Bid", Lexpert’s Special Edition on Canada’s Leading Infrastructure Lawyers, Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine September-5-2012
Stephen Pincus quoted in "REITs coming to market even if nobody else is", Financial Post August-29-2012
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Jon Northup quoted in "RIDEA paves the way for US-Canada REIT", IFLR August-1-2012
David Zitzerman interviewed by Lexpert on “What do the Copyright Act amendments mean for entertainment law?” July-9-2012
Neill May quoted in "Risk and Reward", Canadian Lawyer Magazine May-29-2012
Neil Sheehy quoted in "Miller Thomson Signs with Fidal", The Globe and Mail May-23-2012
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Stephen Pincus quoted in "Trusts begin to make a comeback", The Globe and Mail May-15-2012
David Zitzerman interviewed on BNN May-7-2012
BNN interviews Allan Goodman April-9-2012
Stephen Halperin and Jonathan Lampe quoted in "Engage the activist", Canadian Lawyer Magazine February-13-2012
Stephen Halperin quoted in "New rule: engage activists for your own good", The Globe and Mail February-10-2012
Neill May quoted in "Mergers on pause in Canada, top deal makers say", The Globe and Mail January-11-2012
Joe Latham quoted in "Radical Overhaul", The Globe and Mail November-1-2011
Sheldon Freeman quoted in "Rules of Engagement", Listed Magazine September-28-2011
Sheldon Freeman quoted in "U.S. retailers fire up Canadian real estate; Presence driving up rents, more developments", The National Post August-18-2011
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Stephen Pincus quoted in "Ottawa tightens tax rules on hybrid investment product; REITs among those targeted in crackdown against stapled securities", The Globe and Mail July-20-2011
Dan Gormley quoted in "Tories seen as threat to firms in green energy; Subsidy a target; Ontario party attacks program as too costly", National Post July-15-2011
Allan Goodman interviewed on BNN July-6-2011
John Keefe quoted in "Alleged fraud victims come gunning for the lawyers; In the post-Madoff era, big banks and law firms are increasingly being accused of failing to stop or turning a blind eye to scam artists", The Globe and Mail June-22-2011
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John Keefe quoted in "Dodd-Frank bounty rules to affect Canadian companies", Canadian Lawyer Magazine June-14-2011
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Dale H. Lastman, C.M. interviewed on BNN May-31-2011
Size isn't everything, Chambers listings show May-18-2011
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Dan Gormley quoted in "Wind, solar subsidies to end under Tories, Hudak promises", The Ottawa Citizen May-10-2011
Michael Partridge quoted in "London Calling", National Post February-12-2011
Kenneth Wiener quoted in "TMX merger brings new global status, renewed national debate", The Globe and Mail February-9-2011
Dan Gormley quoted in "Doubts hit Ontario’s green energy plan", National Post February-7-2011
Stephen Pincus quoted in "New REIT Rules May Boost Sector", The Globe and Mail January-12-2011
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Carla Salzman quoted in "P3-able", ReNew Magazine January-3-2011
John Keefe quoted in "Top U.S. court balks at way law was used", The Bottom Line December-20-2010
Stephen Pincus quoted in "A not-so-scary income trust conversion; Investors feared disaster when Flaherty taxed trusts. The result was quite different”, the Legal Post October-30-2010
John Keefe quoted in "Pressure Mounts for Prosecution of Overseas Corruption", Canadian Lawyer October-1-2010
Neill May quoted in "Merger Activity Shifts Ground", the Legal Post September-22-2010
John Keefe quoted in "Wall Street reforms could snare Canadian firms", the Globe & Mail August-18-2010
John Keefe quoted in "New U.S. Anti-Bribery Regs to Affect Canadian Companies", Canadian Lawyer August-16-2010
Richard Annan quoted in "No need for tribunal hearing, CREA says; Rules changed", Financial Post February-10-2010
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Trust conversions leave void in market", National Post December-9-2009
Jay Carfagnini quoted in "Work it Out or Sell it Off", Canadian Business November-23-2009
Michael Koch quoted in "Globalive under fire over foreign partner", Financial Post September-23-2009
David Bronskill quoted in "Four parties, 42 individuals set to participate in OMB hearing not unusual", Dundas Star News September-17-2009
Neill May quoted in "Advisors must be wary of conflicts; Ethical concerns", National Post September-16-2009
Jon Feldman quoted in "BCE ruling has subtle impact; Fiduciary duties", National Post September-16-2009
Michael Koch quoted in "Out of the Service Area", Canadian Lawyer Magazine August-18-2009
Jay Carfagnini quoted in "Legislative Limbo", Canadian Lawyer Magazine June-1-2009
Robert Chadwick quoted in "Cashing in on Insolvency", Canadian Lawyer Magazine June-1-2009
Alan Bowman quoted in "Filing your taxes late? Pay now, experts suggest", Toronto Star April-30-2009
Rob Chadwick quoted in "Lenders jockey for pole position", Globe and Mail April-22-2009
Jay Carfagnini and Rob Chadwick in "The Inner Circle, Restructuring Who's Who", Financial Post April-11-2009
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Goodmans gets the nod in pool of peers, Financial Post March-11-2009
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Rob Chadwick quoted in "Retooling Resurgence", National Post February-17-2009
David Bronskill quoted in "Cost to shovel sidewalk snow varies depending on where you live", Hamilton Mountain News January-21-2009
Rob Chadwick quoted in "It's now a lender's market", National Post November-7-2008
Rob Chadwick quoted in "Balance-sheet rebirths outside bankruptcy court", The Globe and Mail September-24-2008
Richard Annan quoted in "Proposed recommendations would improve Canada's competitiveness", Law Times July-6-2008
David Bronskill quoted in "Metrolinx outlines regional transportation plan", Law Times June-30-2008
David Zitzerman quoted in "Tories plan to withhold funding for 'offensive'productions", Globe and Mail February-28-2008
Stephen Halperin on BNN's "Big Deals" February-1-2008
Stephen Halperin quoted in "Go-To Guy Ends Paper Log-Jam", National Post December-27-2007
Tim Heeney quoted in "Virtual deal rooms way of future", National Post November-28-2007
Tara Parker on BNN's "Strictly Legal" November-27-2007
Stephen Halperin quoted in "Life after the great credit crunch", Globe and Mail October-24-2007
Stephen Halperin quoted in "Defensive tactics in Canadian M&A", Financier Worldwide October-19-2007
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Tara Parker on "Entertainment lawyers go the distance when structuring reality TV deals", The Lawyers Weekly October-12-2007
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Stephen Halperin quoted in "A former saviour's rescue skills are sought again," Globe and Mail September-12-2007
Peter Ruby quoted in "Rogers' comma victory found in translation", Globe and Mail August-21-2007
Jon Feldman quoted in "Unsung heros get Bell deal done", National Post July-11-2007
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David Zitzerman quoted in "MPD will stay Canadian, says EdgeStone", Playback Magazine June-27-2007
David Zitzerman quoted in "Murdoch close to win at Dow Jones", National Post June-26-2007
Susan Garvie quoted in "Going Private" National Magaine - Canadian Bar Association June-1-2007
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Michael Koch quoted in "Cities across Canada lose appeal on transmission line construction", The Lawyers Weekly March-30-2007
David Zitzerman quoted in "Labor peace breaks out across Canada", Playback Magazine March-5-2007
David Zitzerman quoted in "CRTC To Vet $2.3B Deal: Goldman Sachs partner: Key is who is in charge of mergedcompany", National Post January-11-2007
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Firms take trust tax in stride", Canadian Lawyer Magazine January-1-2007
Fred Myers quoted in "Jurisprudence still confusing on when receivers are successor employers", Law Times November-13-2006
Stephen Pincus quoted in "A taxing week - especially for the pros; When Ottawa slammed the window" November-8-2006
Jay Carfagnini quoted in "Restructuring post-Farley", National Post October-25-2006
David Zitzerman interviewed in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel October-1-2006
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Eugene Cipparone quoted in "Managing the knowledge flow", Canadian Lawyer Magazine September-11-2006
"Eddie Goodman, Lawyer 1918-2006", The Globe and Mail August-25-2006
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"Call me Eddie - A personal remembrance of a man who shaped modern Canada", National Post August-25-2006
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"The Sun’s champion has died. Lawyer Edwin A. (Eddie) Goodman", Toronto Sun August-24-2006
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"Edwin Goodman: 1918-2006 'Patriot and philanthropist'",Toronto Star August-24-2006
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Peter Ruby quoted in "Tiny punctuation mark, big legal lesson", Globe and Mail August-16-2006
Stephen Pincus and Jennifer Sernaker on "Studies show strength in governance", Investment Executive July-4-2006
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Howard Wise quoted in "What to do after a reno goes off the rails", Law Times June-12-2006
David Zitzerman quoted in "Success Return on Reality", Toronto Star May-28-2006
Peter Ruby quoted in "It only takes a moment to get sued for cyber libel", Law Times May-1-2006
Peter Ruby quoted in "Probe of software firm sought", Toronto Star November-4-2005
Joe Conforti quoted in "Firms using non-competes as a hammer", Globe and Mail October-21-2005
Stephen Halperin on "Times Are Changing For M&A Deals", SqueezePlay on BNN June-8-2005
Ken Wiener quoted in "The place 'where everybody wants to be'", Ottawa Citizen May-31-2005
Canadian Idol: A Case Study - the Anatomy of a Successful Reality Format Television Series” April-29-2005
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Tara Parker on "'Canadian Idol' panel describes myriad of legal issues for industry lawyers", The Lawyers Weekly April-29-2005
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Stephen Pincus quoted in "Next wave of trusts may come from U.S." , National Post April-7-2005
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Cross-border shopping - the income trust version", Calgary Herald April-1-2005
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Here comes success; bring on the critics", Calgary Herald April-1-2005
Stephen Pincus quoted in "U.S. transactions lead growth", The Globe and Mail March-28-2005
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Trust sector focuses on governance", Globe and Mail March-28-2005
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Insatiable demand fuels IPOs", National Post March-21-2005
Stephen Pincus quoted in "In Canada we trust", Private Equity Manager Magazine March-1-2005
Jay Carfagnini quoted in "Restructuring amid 'rocky shoals'" , National Post February-23-2005
Fred Myers quoted in "Business turns to real-time litigation", Globe and Mail February-7-2005
Stephen Pincus quoted in "A look back at 12 eventful months in Canadian private equity", 2005 Report on Canadian Private Equity January-1-2005
Stephen Pincus quoted in "'Odd little offspring' now $90 billion success story", Calgary Herald November-1-2004
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Trust Fever Spreads South", Financial Post October-1-2004
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Income Securities - a Canadian export...and import", The Globe and Mail September-27-2004
Dale H. Lastman, C.M. quoted in "Goodmans: Building alliances", National Post September-25-2004
Fred Myers quoted in "Privilege has its limits, lawyers are discovering in post-Enron world", Globe and Mail September-13-2004
Peter Ruby qouted in "Use of Internet as evidence in court begins", Law Times August-23-2004
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"Goodmans reunites with Gormley", Global Competition Review August-1-2004
Stephen Pincus on "Income trust structure offers unique advantages", The Globe and Mail June-21-2004
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Income trust's next big thing", National Post May-5-2004
"Goodmans catapults into contention", Global Competition Review April-8-2004
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"Goodmans boosts M&A team", Globe and Mail April-7-2004
Stephen Pincus quoted in "Genesis of the Retail REITs", The Fund Q2 2004 April-1-2004
"Rumble on Bay Street", National Post January-29-2003
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Joe Conforti on "What colour is your parachute?", Canadian Employment Law Today November-27-2002
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Joe Conforti on "Legislating Privacy", Canadian Employment Law Today October-2-2002
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Stephen Pincus quoted in "REITs & Income Trusts", Lexpert October-1-2002
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