Goodmans ePresents: Ontario's New On-site and Excess Soil Framework: Implications for the Construction and Environmental Sectors


On January 1, 2021, the first phase of the Ontario’s new On-Site and Excess Soil Management framework came into force. This framework governs the movement of excavated soils and will create liabilities for landowners, construction managers and consultants involved in the process.

Our panel of experts reviewed how the framework will impact the construction industry and environmental contractors and discuss best practices moving forward, including:

  • Liability for the lawful transportation, re-use, and/or disposal of excess soil;
  • Early characterization and pre-planning activities; and
  • Development of excess soil contracts.

Matthew Lakatos-Hayward, Goodmans LLP

Catherine A. Lyons, Goodmans LLP
Joseph Cosentino, Goodmans LLP
Tom Guoth, Principal, GHD Limited
Warren Croft, Principal, GHD Limited