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A salt on enforcement initiatives


Lawyer Neill May
Area Corporate Finance and Securities


Article originally published in the Canadian Lawyer Magazine, May 2014

Excerpt from "A salt on enforcement initiatives":

I think it is fair to assume many securities lawyers sometimes wonder whether litigation of securities law issues - perhaps if not generally then at least in regulatory proceedings - could or should be done by securities practitioners rather than litigators.  Reality may occasionally intrude, in that litigators are as a species better at legal presentation and persuasion, but I am positive there is at least a minority of securities lawyers who continue to believe they could do the job.  I am certain of this because, not being objective about myself, being blessed by not having to listen to myself speak, and letting my desires cloud my rational judgment, I know that minority consists of at least one person. I have never done it though, and it is probably for the best, and that is my point here: You may wish to take my perspectives on litigation matters with a proverbial grain of salt.

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