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Current Developments in Canadian Competition Law


Area Competition, Antitrust and Foreign Investment


There are four aspects of Canadian Competition Law which are now under public or parliamentary review.  In only one might there be change in the law or administrative practice in the immediate future.  The others merit  observation because suggested changes could definitely modify either the law or administrative practice. 

The areas under consideration are:

  • Bill C-249 which, if enacted, would change the law on the treatment of efficiencies;
  • Merger Enforcement Guidelines as applied to a Bank Merger with respect to which public comment was requested on November 5, 2003;
  • Options for amending the Competition Act with respect to which public comments were requested on June 23, 2003 and upon which the Public Policy Forum has reported on April 8, 2004;
  • Merger Enforcement Guidelines on which the Competition Bureau sought public comment on March 25, 2004.

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