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Enhancing Access to Justice - The Advocates’ E-Brief


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Article originally printed in The Advocates’ E-Brief, Vol. 16, No. 2, Winter 2005

Excerpt from "Enhancing Access to Justice":

Although this summary may not accurately encompass all of an advocate's responsibilities, it is certainly true that enhancing access to justice has moved to centre stage. Whether our justice system and the lawyers within it are performing adequately is measured today largely by the extent to which access to justice is provided or denied. Whether a change should be made to our justice system, or to the way lawyers practise within it, also is measured largely by whether the proposed change will enhance or restrict access to justice. The Advocates' Society has and continues to be engaged in important initiatives that have, as their goal, enhanced access to justice. Let me outline some of them, and  dentify others where our work is continuing.

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