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Travelling in securities


Lawyer Neill May
Area Corporate Finance and Securities


Article originally published in the Canadian Lawyer Magazine, February 2018

Excerpt from "Travelling in securities":

Not being shy about demonstrating my stunning command of the blindingly obvious, I will share with you the startling insight that cross-border trading and ownership of securities will only continue to increase as markets globalize. The world keeps getting smaller. As comedian Steven Wright observed, everything is within walking distance if you have the time.

This is reflected in the challenges to the regulation of international securities transactions in dynamically changing markets. When activities appear to be unregulated, the regulators can take heat, and when they get involved and try to direct matters, they can be faulted for getting in the way and adding costs. It is like the classic question — is it better to ask permission or seek forgiveness, and why in marriage the answer is usually both.

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