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Francy Kussner at Safeguarding Real Estate Transactions 2019


Lawyer Francy Kussner


Law Society of Ontario
Donald Lamont Learning Centre
130 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019
2:00PM - 5:00PM

Speaker and Co-chair: Francy Kussner

In real estate, any mention of litigation is rarely considered good news. It often means financial trouble, on one side or the other. Are you prepared for the possibility of litigation relating to one of your files? Do you know what steps should be taken to best protect yourself and your client? Our presenters are litigators and real estate practitioners who show you how it's done right. Learn what "time of the essence" and the "entire agreement clause" really mean, plus a focus on "does the vendor have to disclose," and much more.

  •     Learn about title-related court orders: what you can and should ask for, and what you can’t ask for
  •     Understand the operation of entire agreement clauses, no representation clauses, and written amendment clauses in the face of seller comments
  •     Get tips on what “time is of the essence” really means

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