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Goodmans' litigators Ben Zarnett and Julie Rosenthal score victory at Supreme Court of Canada


Lawyer Julie Rosenthal
Area Litigation


On December 20, 2007, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down its decision in Jedfro Investments (U.S.A.) Ltd. v. Jacyk. A unanimous court rejected claims of the appellants that, as parties to a joint venture agreement for the development of real estate, they were entitled to damages or compensation for unjust enrichment when, in response to the appellants' failure to fund their share of a debt owing by the joint venture, certain respondents had caused a related corporation to purchase the debt, foreclosed on the property and formed a new venture without the appellants to develop the lands.

Goodmans' litigators Ben Zarnett and Julie Rosenthal led the arguments at the Supreme Court for the successful respondents.