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Insight Information Co.'s 2nd Annual Income Trusts


Area REITs and Income Securities


Latest Developments and Emerging Trends of Income Trusts

Speaker: Stephen Pincus, Goodmans LLP

Join your colleagues and hear from our panel of leading experts as they discuss the latest developments you need to know about Income Trusts. Key issues include:

  • What is driving the growth of the income trust market and will it continue?
  • Why all the fuss about limit liability?
  • How are the OSC and other CSA jurisdictions communicating their views about income funds and other indirect offerings to market participants?
  • The linkage of management pay to shareholder returns
  • Dispelling the rating misconceptions
  • What is the Lenders perspective on Income Fund Senior Debt?
  • What are the key issues for Issuers and Investors?
  • Where is the cross-border income trust sector heading?

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