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Kari MacKay and Stephen Pincus at Innovative Financing for the Global Mining Industry in Challenging Times


Lawyer Kari MacKay, Stephen Pincus
Area Mining and Natural Resources


Goodmans LLP
Toronto, Ontario

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
2:00 - 6:30 pm

Speakers:  Kari MacKay, Partner and Stephen Pincus, Partner - Goodmans LLP.

Why Attend?

  • Learn from industry experts about what mining projects are getting financed in today’s market, how and why
  • Meet "non-traditional" investors during networking breaks
  • Learn about non-traditional financing source and structures including royalties/streams, private equity and pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and SOEs, commodity-linked debt, preferred share instruments, convertibles, off-take financing, joint ventures and crowd funding
  • Learn what deal structures will and won’t be considered in today’s market
  • Learn what you should focus on in presenting opportunities to providers of capital

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