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Cyber Breach

A cyber breach is often a type of crisis that an organization has not faced before.  Goodmans  provides a measured and time-sensitive response balancing legal, regulatory, public relations, and operational considerations.  We have helped many organizations address a variety of breaches of their information technology systems, including ransomware attacks, mischief making, the illicit copying or alteration of sensitive data by hackers and disgruntled employees. No two cyber breach situations are alike and we help your organization formulate and implement the best plan for your particular environment.

We apply our multi-faceted expertise to:

  • advise whether the authorities must be notified of the breach and other evolving legal requirements
  • explore any cross-border issues
  • address contractual obligations and risks, including with respect to confidential information and intellectual property
  • work with public relations professionals to balance legal and public relations risks
  • interface with regulators and the police
  • deal with any resulting litigation, including class-actions
  • address the applicability of insurance
  • advise concerning the liability of directors and officers
  • assist you to minimize future breach incidents

A key aspect is to work with your other advisors in the public relations and technology fields so that you obtain a multi-disciplinary solution from best-in-class advisors.

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