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Recalls and Other Product Liability Issues

When you discover a problem with your product, Goodmans’ product recall and regulatory compliance experts are ready to:

  • advise on your legal and regulatory obligations, whether a product recall is required, who you need to inform and how to effectively do so  to minimize your legal risk 
  • assist with important inputs to be factored into your decision-making regarding voluntary recalls
  • help determine which regulatory framework applies to your specific situation and liaise with applicable regulatory bodies on your behalf 
  • help navigate the complexities associated with the regulation of specific sectors, such as  automotive, food and drug, hazardous products, consumer products, pest control products and natural health products 
  • undertake a confidential risk analysis and assist in creating a customized internal response plan and external communication program, to ensure the situation is properly contained and addressed in an efficient and timely manner
  • work with you to assist in your assessment of available insurance coverage for different types of costs and expenses and/or follow-on claims. 

We can also assist in advance planning so that you have systems and procedures in place to deal with these types of situations before they happen.

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