Goodmans ePresents: Diverse Experiences with Mental Health in Law: A Candid Discussion


In order to have healthy workplaces, it is important to go beyond self-care and ensure that we are supporting each other’s mental health from an emotional, psychological and social well-being perspective. This is particularly critical for legal professionals, who are almost twice as likely to experience certain mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and chronic stress, as the general public -- albeit they are less likely to seek professional support.

Please join us for this valuable session to hear our panel discuss parts of their lived experience with mental health throughout their legal careers, and the role that social determinants of mental health, such as gender and gender identity, race, Indigeneity, and sexual orientation, have played. Also, gain important insights into how some of these mental health issues commonly show up in the legal profession.

By sharing these lived experiences, we hope to expand the conversation on mental health in the profession, with the ultimate goal of being able to understand and support each other effectively through meaningful action.