Matthew Lakatos-Hayward at the OBA's Mastering Environmental Management: Crafting Environmental Management Systems and Policies


In this foundational session, a panel of environmental law experts will unpack what you need to know about the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Through this webinar (as part of the OBA Environmental Law Program), attendees will discover how organizations implement EMS to comply with environmental regulations, manage risks, and foster sustainability. Gain critical insights into the legal obligations, and liability considerations, and gather best practices for advising clients on EMS implementation and compliance. Plus, you will walk away with a practical checklist of items to consider when developing a robust EMS.

Program Chair:
Program Speakers: 
  • Talia Gordner, McMillan LLP
  • James Hartshorn, SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.
  • Sandra Brunet, former Associate Director, Business Performance and Environmental Sustainability, City of Barrie (retired)
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