Michael Wilson quoted in "Ontario mulls legalizing cannabis lounges as it moves to a more open market", Globe and Mail

Michael Wilson was recently interviewed by the Globe and Mail on legalizing cannabis lounges in Ontario: 

Edibles-only cafés would also have to navigate federal rules that only allow cannabis to be sold in approved packaging.

"You couldn't put [infused drinks] on taps in restaurants because of federal regulations about the product having to be in the packaging at the point-of-sale," said Michael Wilson, a lawyer with Goodmans LLP and former chief of staff to Ontario Attorney-General Doug Downey.

"But in theory you could have a canned beverage or a bottled beverage served to a customer at a table and probably still comply with the federal rules," Mr. Wilson said.

He added that the province will have to decide whether to allow alcohol and cannabis-infused products to be sold in the same establishment.