Devin Persaud interviewed at 2023 Toronto Lawyers Association Awards Gala

Devin Persaud was interviewed as a 2023 Award Recipient for the Toronto Lawyers’ Association Emerging Excellence Award of Distinction presentation in Toronto on March 2.

"As a young and impressionable child, I loved watching and emulating courtroom dramas and films, like “A Few Good Men.” I found them exciting and loved the courtroom exchanges between lawyers. I grew up in a neighbourhood in Scarborough where many families were new immigrants and disadvantaged and the legal system intimidated many of them. I went to business school for my undergraduate education but always felt that I would go to law school one day. This resolve was strengthened after working in supply chain management in the consumer packaged goods industry for a couple years.  In contrast to what I was doing, I wanted to be part of a field that was robust, always changing and required continuous learning."

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