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Angela Tsiakos

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Angela is a senior corporate law clerk in the Mergers and Acquisitions Group at Goodmans.

She has extensive experience in all aspects of corporate law, with a substantial focus on transactional work, including due diligence reviews, share and asset transactions, bankruptcy and tax reorganizations, financings, mergers and acquisitions and public and private company transactions. She is also experienced with incorporations, amendments, amalgamations, arrangements, continuances, dissolutions, limited partnerships, roll-overs, share provisions, complex reorganizations, restructurings, extra-provincial and business name registrations. She has a particular specialty in SPACs and retirement REITs. She currently works with clients from a cross-section of industries, including start-ups and businesses in the blockchain, cannabis, financial services, manufacturing, mining, health care and food and beverage sectors.

Angela is also actively involved with the training and mentoring of junior clerks, including having assembled a manual that has been instrumental in integrating junior and lateral corporate clerks.

Angela attended York University, where she studied psychology and then went on to receive her law clerk diploma from Humber College in 2000, joining Goodmans the same year.


Professional Involvement

Angela is a member of The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario.

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