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Awale Deria

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Awale Deria is an associate in the Dispute Resolution group at Goodmans.

He is developing his practice in corporate/commercial litigation, technology and employment law.

Awale received his Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2020. During law school, Awale was the recipient of several awards of distinction, including the William and Nona Heaslip Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Community Service, the Bogoroch & Associates Scholarship and the John Platter ’96 Memorial Award. Awale was also the recipient of various competitive moot awards during law school, including the Top Oralist at the FOOM moot and Top Respondent Team at the Baby Gale Cup. While at Osgoode, Awale acted as a caseworker with both the Osgoode Business Clinic and the Investor Protection Clinic. In his final year, Awale studied abroad at the University of London’s Queen Mary School of Law.

Prior to joining Goodmans, Awale worked as a legal intern at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. During his time in New York, Awale assessed the merit of various claims made by UN staff members in matters related to contractual breaches, fraud, and sexual assault, and drafted an array legal memos pertaining to a disciplinary matters. Awale authored the Comprehensive CHRP/CHRL Exam Preparation Manual published by Emond for aspiring HR professionals.

Featured Work

Awale’s representative work includes assisting with:
  • Cineplex v. Cineworld – assisting with reviewing key documents in relation to Cineplex’s successful claim for damages for wrongful repudiation of a merger agreement;
  • Representing a reputable multinational accounting firm in a settlement of a multi-million-dollar contractual claim brought by their former clients.


Professional Affiliations

Law Society of Ontario

Canadian Bar Association
Ontario Bar Association