Katherine (Kasia) Donovan

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Katherine (Kasia) Donovan

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Kasia Donovan is an associate in the Dispute Resolution Group at Goodmans with a focus on intellectual property litigation.  

Kasia spent her summer terms and articles at an international law firm where she received extensive training in IP litigation.

Kasia obtained her JD from the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, with a specialization in Law and Technology. Kasia was a two-time award recipient of the Schulich Scholarship in Law for achieving exceptionally high law school grades and for her community involvement.

During law school, Kasia worked at a Legal Aid clinic and represented multiple community members at the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Provincial Court. She was awarded honours distinction for her contributions to the clinic.

Prior to law school, Kasia completed a Master’s of Science in Chemistry and Honours Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Queen’s University. Kasia has published numerous academic papers and texts.

Kasia is actively involved in the mentorship of women in STEM. She is also active in her pro bono work, including work for the Canadian Science Fair Journal.


Professional Affiliations

  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
  • Toronto Intellectual Property Group