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Goodmans Expertise
Key Contacts
Alton, John Partner
Armstrong, Chris Partner
Bell, Luke Associate
Bortolotti, Krysten Associate
Cardarelli, Stefanie Associate
Chadwick, Robert Partner
Coll-Black, David Partner
Condon, Anna Associate
Connon, John Partner
Corley, Richard Partner
Dedic, Dan Partner
Di Bartolomeo, Julian Associate
Di Fiore, Mario Partner
Ehrlich, Jennifer Associate
Feldman, Jonathan Partner
Ferreira, Evita Associate
Firsten, Jamie Partner
Freeman, Sheldon Partner
Garvie, Susan Partner
Gerow, Kyle Associate
Goodman, Allan Partner
Gorman, William (Bill) Partner
Gormley, Daniel Partner
Gosselin, Brenda Partner
Guolo, Francesca Partner
Halperin, Stephen Counsel
Heeney, Tim Partner
Hoffman, Brandon Associate
Hunt, Tara Associate
Inglis, Stephen Associate
Jaffe, Gail Counsel
Kermani, Niki Associate
Khoromi, Money Associate
Lampe, Jonathan Partner
Lastman, C.M., Dale H. Chair
Latham, Joe Partner
Levesque, Danielle Associate
Liao, Christina Associate
Liu, Victor Partner
Macchione, Sarah Associate
MacKay, Kari Partner
Magisano, Laura Associate
Marcovici, Hari Associate
Matlow, David Partner
May, Neill Partner
McAuley, Randy Associate
Nadler, David Partner
Partridge, Michael Partner
Payne, Chris Associate
Pincus, Stephen Partner
Prager, Matt Associate
Rauliuk, Kirk Partner
Rhea, Celia Partner
Ross, Brad Partner
Roth, Michelle Partner
Schipper, Andrew Associate
Seidman, Daniel Associate
Seidman, Jaclyn Partner
Sheehy, Neil Partner
Spelt, Tom Associate
Spiro, Mark Partner
Sunstrum, Chris Partner
Surchin, Mark Partner
Sweigman, Brian Associate
Ting, Emily Partner
van Diepen, Jamie Partner
Vaux, Robert Partner
Vigod, Michelle Partner
Yohannes, Ledya Associate

Mergers and Acquisitions

Goodmans' M&A Group is known by industry players as a formidable, "top tier" practice, with more leading M&A lawyers than any other Canadian law firm.  We're known by our clients as first-rate dealmakers, with the responsiveness, energy and passion to close the deal. 

If it's reported in the business pages, chances are, we played a role.  Our group has represented clients involved in every aspect of a deal: acquirors, targets, borrowers and issuers, underwriters, investors, and has developed a number of niche markets, including targets of hostile takeover bids and private equity clients.  A results-oriented team, we pride ourselves on providing practical advice, innovative solutions and a solid level of commitment that ensures transactions are completed on the clients' terms and schedules.

By maintaining both a keen understanding of the business and legal environment and a sharp focus on the issues particular to each deal, we respond quickly and creatively to the nuances and challenges of sophisticated transactions, both large and small.