Appellate Advocacy

Goodmans Appellate Advocacy Group has extensive experience arguing appeals, honed by litigating some of Canada’s most high profile and precedent-setting cases.  We regularly appear in appellate courts across Canada and at the Supreme Court of Canada, as counsel to appellants, respondents and interveners.

Our lawyers are detailed and critical legal thinkers. We have the strategic insight to successfully navigate procedural aspects of appeals and the legal and technical knowledge to identify and advance compelling arguments.  Often the key to success is identifying the question at the heart of an appeal.  We excel at finding the core question that has an answer favouring our clients.  Our robust written arguments and compelling oral advocacy are key contributors to our group’s success.  Several of our lawyers served as law clerks to Supreme Court of Canada Judges. 

We have litigated cases spanning numerous areas of law from the trial level through multiple stages of appeal, and have also been retained at the appellate stage.  Especially at the Supreme Court of Canada, we understand that the leave to appeal stage involves unique considerations that must be addressed before an appeal on the merits can proceed.  Whatever the stage of proceeding, our lawyers know what it takes to win.

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