Arbitration - Domestic and International

Arbitration places a premium on creative thinking, particularly in designing  bespoke processes for the dispute at issue. It requires experience with the many types of arbitration approaches used in Canada and internationally, and requires superb advocacy skills to drill to the heart of a matter and present with clarity our clients’ best case. In other words, arbitration is a perfect fit with the Goodmans Arbitration Group’s strengths.

We strive not only to reach our clients’ strategic business goals in arbitration, but also to obtain the benefits of arbitration for which they bargained (such as confidentiality, speed, cost, preservation of relationship, finality, and enforceability). Where appropriate, we attempt to divert disputes into efficient arbitration processes, while recognizing that arbitration is not the right tool to fix every client problem. Most importantly, while we drive for a win in the formal arbitration process or enforcement of an arbitral award, we recognize and consistently pursue a negotiated win for our clients so they can achieve their strategic objectives without the risk of their disputes landing in the hands of a third party decision-maker.

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