Bragg Communications (operating as Eastlink) seeks review of CRTC’s wholesale rates

Goodmans LLP advised Eastlink in respect of the CRTC’s August 15, 2019 decision to reduce wholesale rates for Internet access. Eastlink is an incumbent network owner and provider of Internet services.

Given the extent and scope of rate reductions made by the CRTC, as well as retroactive orders in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the order slashing wholesale rates was the subject of widespread controversy within the industry. The cable industry as a whole (including Eastlink), as well as Bell Canada, sought review of the CRTC’s decision; (a) before the Federal Court of Appeal (leave was granted); (b) by the Federal Cabinet: and (c) by the CRTC itself.

In May 2021, the CRTC set the final rates to access the large companies’ high-speed broadband networks and resolved the long-standing dispute with respect to the existing wholesale model.