- 07:30 PM

Goodmans Presents: Key Insights For Navigating the Changing Venture Capital Landscape


Ongoing economic and political uncertainty has impacted global markets in 2022, and the venture capital market is no exception-- while the pace of deals may have slowed, total capital being invested remains high.

Join us for an interactive panel and hear founder and investor perspectives. Founders on the frontline will discuss how they are navigating their businesses in the face of these recent changes, including adjustments to their short-term and longer term outlooks, and what the changing landscape could mean for early stage businesses and financing plans going forward. We will also get the investor perspective on how, if at all, the investor view of potential investments may be changing given the current market shift.

Emiel Bril, Founder, CEO, VendorPM
Lisa Melchior, Founder and Managing Partner, VERTU Capital

Cato Pastoll, Co-Founder, CEO, Loop
Sanjiv Samant, Founder and Managing Partner, Round13 Growth Fund