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Shareholder Activism in Canada: Key Considerations for Both Boards and Activists in Preparation for the 2024 Proxy Season


Shareholder activism continues to be a major force for change in Canadian capital markets and remained strong in Canada for the 2023 proxy season. We see no reason for this level of activity to subside in 2024. Join us on November 14th for a discussion of the key issues and trends that directors, shareholders and advisors need to understand and consider in order to be best prepared for what looks to be a very “active” 2024.

Our expert panellists will prepare you for the coming year by:
  • Providing a high-level summary of the 2023 proxy season and key takeaways for all market participants, including:
    • how Boards can protect against M&A activism and how activists can be successful in “just say no” or “bumpitrage” campaigns
    • the push in the US market for liquidation in the biotech and tech space that may be coming soon to Canada
  • Reviewing recent key legislative and regulatory amendments on issues including majority voting, continuous disclosure, executive pay, and more
  • Inserting learnings from recent court decisions that will equip corporate directors to effectively fulfill their fiduciary duties within the current activism landscape
  • Considering the use of litigation as a strategy and/or tactic in proxy campaigns
  • Sharing tips for both shareholders and directors, on communications strategies for staying ahead of rapidly moving situations
Who should attend:
  • Corporate Directors
  • In-House Counsel
  • C-Level Executives
  • Institutional Investors
  • Advisors

Moderated by: