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Caterina Costa-Faria

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Cathy is a research lawyer at Goodmans. She advises on legal issues in corporate, commercial and insolvency matters. She has several years of experience practising as a corporate restructuring lawyer, representing debtors, creditors and court-appointed officers through restructuring and receivership proceedings.

Cathy heads the firm’s writing program, designed to ensure effective communication and to maintain the highest standards of legal writing. She facilitates the firm’s research and writing training for law students and junior lawyers. Cathy manages and oversees the firm’s research-driven initiatives.


Professional Involvement

Cathy serves as a mentor through the Mentorship in the Field program at Lincoln Alexander School of Law. She also served as a mentor through the First Generation Network, a mentorship program aimed at alleviating some of the disadvantages faced by first generation law students.

Cathy has co-contributed content for INSOL International’s Directors in the Twilight Zone IV, Lexis Practice Advisor’s Winding-up and Restructuring Act module, the Insurance Companies Act – Legislation and Commentary, Practical Law Canada’s Standard Clauses “Boilerplate” Agreement: Canada (Ontario) and The Law Review’s The Lending and Secured Finance Review

Professional Affiliations

  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Toronto Research Lawyers Group