In-Depth: Acquisition and Leveraged Finance - Edition 10 - Canada

David Nadler, David Wiseman, Dan Dedic, Caroline Descours, Michael Royal, Cathy Costa-Faria and Zhiyao Chen have co-authored the Canada Chapter in Lexology's In-Depth: Acquisition and Leveraged Finance - Edition 10. 

Leveraged lending is frequently used by Canadian borrowers to fund a number of activities, including acquisitions, capital expenditures, dividend recapitalisations, refinancing of existing debt and ongoing operations. Acquisition activity in Canada in 2023 has stabilised at the lower level of activity seen in 2022, due in part to rising interest rates, market uncertainty and the prospects of a recession, but leveraged loans continue to be an important source of capital for Canadian acquisitions. As the pace of rising interest rates has slowed, financing activity has started to increase, but it remains to be seen whether that trend continues into 2024.

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