Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Litigation

Canadian corporate law demands the skills and commitment we offer our clients.  Because the corporations’ best interests are defined broadly to require consideration of stakeholder interests and not simply shareholder interests, there are many opportunities to miss a step and create unnecessary risk of criticism or liability.  Those opportunities are brought most directly into focus through the oppression remedy’s focus on the reasonable expectations of stakeholders.  Having the very best corporate litigation counsel to develop the evidence to make out or answer claims of oppression is critical. 

We ensure client interests are served effectively by drawing on the skills and experience of our corporate securities and restructuring lawyers.  We work as a team focussed on client interests and achieving successful outcomes.

We have deep experience in litigation that can threaten a corporation’s survival, litigation that creates personal liability risks for directors and management, responding to and representing activist shareholders both with the view to maximizing shareholder value, complex restructurings that create conflicts between stakeholders, securities class actions and cross-border litigation.  Over the last thirty years, Goodmans has been at the forefront of the cases that defined these issues.

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