Crisis Management and Urgent Proceedings

Goodmans has a long history of offering immediate assistance to clients in critical situations.  We draw on the many years of specialized experience of our top tier and nationally recognized lawyers to rapidly understand and respond to all manner of potential crises, including:

  • fraudulent and other dishonest or inappropriate actions of employees and third parties, data breaches;
  • intellectual property infringement, defalcating employees; and
  • corporate disclosure obligations, product recalls, and regulatory compliance. 

Clients trust us to take action confidently and strategically. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide targeted and timely assistance in times of great stress and uncertainty to minimize risks,  find opportunities for closure – and, when necessary, to take defensive or protective measures. 

When there is no time to waste and immediate resource to the courts or arbitration is required, we are honoured to have been trusted by clients with their most sensitive matters. 

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