White Collar Defence and Investigations

Goodmans is an essential partner for companies and organizations faced with complex and intricate issues surrounding allegations of fraud and other organizational wrongdoing.  Whether you have detected wrongdoing by your employees against the company, or have learned the company may face allegations of wrongdoing, Goodmans can assist in navigating the complexities, pressures and sensitives arising from situations such as executive or director misconduct, fraud, theft, conspiracy, bribery or corruption of foreign public officials.  

Companies face rising risks of fraud and other malfeasance in their organizations with increased regulatory requirements, scrutiny and enforcement, and different business cultures in foreign jurisdictions in which they operate, where bribery and corruption are more prominent.  Activist stakeholders are increasingly likely to sue companies and directors where corporate wrongdoing leads to loss of value, and the creativity and savvy of fraudsters is ever evolving. 

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