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Fraud and Other Dishonest Acts

Victims of fraud must often act quickly to preserve their assets and reputation.   We have experience with fraud investigations involving employees, business partners, and third parties.  We can guide you right from the outset when fraud is suspected, and work with you to assess the allegations, preserve and evaluate evidence, and interview relevant witnesses. 

We also have experience with the complex, and often urgent, litigation required to effectively remedy fraud and other dishonest acts.  We can work with you to:

  • freeze – and ultimately recover – assets taken by a wrongdoer
  • appoint a receiver or other court officer to preserve assets or monitor activity
  • prevent the destruction of relevant evidence in the possession of third parties, including the wrongdoer
  • co-ordinate enforcement efforts across multiple jurisdictions
  • develop plans and policies to prevent re-occurrence
  • obtain financial recourse through the courts

Throughout this process, we are guided by the need to maximize recovery for you while minimizing reputational risk or other harm to you. 

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