The Technology Mergers & Acquisitions Review 1st Edition - Canada Chapter

Allan Goodman and Michelle Vigod authored the Canada Chapter of The Technology Mergers & Acquisitions Review 1st Edition.

Overview from the Canada Chapter:
Deals in the technology sector represented the largest share (18 per cent) of overall transaction activity in Canada in 2019.2 For deals involving private equity funds, the technology sector represented 17 per cent of deal flow in 2019 and 14 per cent of deal flow in the first quarter of 2020. The available data does not account for the impact of covid-19 on the market following Q1 2020.

The government has fostered an environment leading to the growth of Canada’s technology sector, with tax incentives and immigration policies that support the growth of tech companies, in addition to a large pool of skilled labour and venture capital dollars put to work in the sector. Canada’s demonstrated leadership in financial technology, digital health, software as a service (SaaS) and artificial intelligence (AI) has created considerable deal activity in the technology sector, which is likely to continue.